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by Artem Chukov
Translated by Galina Kolomoets


Chapter  1. Mystery.
Chapter 2. The Worlds.
Chapter 3. Per aspera ...
Chapter 4. Great People.
Chapter 5. Energy Concentration Way.
Chapter 6. Crystallization.
Chapter 7. Wind of Change and the Light of Shining Crystals.
Chapter 8. Mystery of Keys.
Chapter 9. Directing Attention.
Chapter 10.  Flight into Infinity.

To my wife and son and all the dear and close people devoted.
Chapter 1. Mystery.
-        Where are we going?
-        Wherever you wish!
-        Right away? Now?
-        If you wish, yes, right now! ))) If you wish, we could even fly!
-        How? Shall we take off and fly? Just like that???
-        Exactly, and we’ll be able to fly and look at whatever you wish!
-        And what are we going to see there, what are we going to do with all that? And what if I don’t understand lots of things?
-        I’ll show you everything you want!...We’ll go anywhere you wish , and I’ll try to explain you everything that I’ll be able to explain fully and completely.
-        Won’t you be able to answer all my questions?
-        Can you see that toy spaceship of yours which you were given on your birthday? That is, you were given a constructor, which you used to build up a spaceship. It is over there, not far away. Can you see it?
-        It seems I can’t…. Oh, there it is! I can see it now, of course… It’s just…Somehow I’ve forgotten about it.
-        And do you remember how much you wanted to have it after you’d seen it on a shop shelf? And your parents didn’t have time and possibility to buy it for you at that time. But Mom and Dad gave it to you as a birthday present later. Do you remember how happy you were after that!???
And how you learned to assemble it. First, it was with your parents help and later, on your own. You studied it in details and learned to put its parts together easily. Remember?
-        Yes, but…. why are you asking me about it?  And why have I completely forgotten about it?
-        You’ve learned…
-        What have I learned?
-        You’ve studied it, you’ve learned its structure, studied in every little detail and you could build and put it into pieces again at a blink of an eye. And you experienced the joy of having a wished-for thing and then you expended effort to study it. And what is more important, you’ve felt all THAT out. And then you just left it…. You just left it because it didn’t excite you with its mystery any more.
-        Mystery? And does everything have a mystery? Everything I can see and everything I want to get an answer to during our flight?
-        To some extent - yes. It does have. At least until you’ve had a good look at it. Just like it happened with your toy spaceship. Understand? It seemed to be a mystery for you until you studied it well. At the same time it wasn’t a mystery for the person who made it up and sold to you.  A thing or an action is a mystery until you have a good look at it and study well. As soon as the task is solved it becomes of no interest for you, still you gain something from it when you put it away…
-        Ha-ha! What can I gain from it, if I put it away? Don’t make me laugh, Dad!))) My toy spaceship is over there. How can I gain anything from it?
-        You gained something…. Something very important.
-        Kidding?
-        ….
-        Why are you so mysteriously silent and looking at me like that? A secret?.... Ha-ha!
-        Knowledge.
-        What do you mean – “knowledge”?
-        You understood something.
-        What?
-        You understood the principle of the constructor. You might not be thinking of the principle as it is or you might not know the word itself, but your actions, when you learned how to put the parts together became right because you’ve gained the basic idea or principle of your toy spaceship constructor. And this idea is the most important thing since somewhere inside you’ve saved knowledge, which you’ll be able to use in future. First, you experienced the thirst of desire, then the joy of having, but the biggest excitement you experienced when you’d built it. Next there was confidence and pride, you used to show it to everyone and say, ‘Look What I’ve Made!’ You felt, you perceived, you acted and you got to learn! In this way you’ve added one more pearl into your treasury! And also – you’ve worked.
-        So many things….Well, so, if I want to learn the mystery of that grasshopper, should I…… take it to pieces?
-        No way! There are some mysteries which should be perceived by observation!
-        Could I, for instance, learn the mystery of my toy spaceship by observation?
-        Possibly you could, but not completely and you would need plenty of time…I’d say it in a different way…. There are things which are created by people, and things created by Nature!
-        Nature? What is Nature?
-        This is a great mystery… and to perceive the mystery of Nature you can carefully observe all its manifestations. We are surrounded by huge, endless world of Nature Mysteries! Your spaceship is manifestation of human nature perception only, but nature itself is the endless world. This world includes human nature, as well as plant, animal, bird and insect nature … grasshopper, for instance. Having taken a grasshopper to pieces, as you do it with your spaceship, you’ll deprive it of Life – the most important thing. Nature cannot exist without Life.
-        It’s difficult for me to understand….. Life….
-        It’s a Great Mystery and we are its participants. And everything you’ll see, and everything you’ll want to see, perceive or observe during our flight  - is this Great Mystery. You and me – are the Life. People, the grasshopper, the Earth, the sky, water, air, the Sun and the Moon are the Life.
-        It makes my skin crawl.
-        You are stoked about solving some Life Mysteries.
-        And why are you saying ‘some’? Won’t we be able to solve all of them?
-        Remember your toy spaceship?
-        Yes.
-        You forgot about it when it’d become of no interest for you, didn’t you? Right?
-        Yes…
-        And now you are interested in newer things, observing them learning their structure…
-        Yes…
-        And you feel burning desire to solve them, being an active participant of  Life. Every time you ask yourself questions and this gives you strength to wake up in the morning in order to gain more answers and ask more new questions … and it thrills you like a merry-go-round in the park, like sea waves and fresh wind… What if you’d learned everything? What would motivate you then, what would give you joy and make lean?
-        And what if I face difficulties or get frightened? What if I feel lonely? What then?
-        I’ll always be with you! I mean it! Always! You can always rely on my support. I’ll always be there for you. Remember about this!
-        Will you?
-        Yes.
-        Why are you so sure?
-        Because I love you. I love you very much. And my love is wings which will carry us across the endless worlds into Infinity. You’ll see and understand that there are no boundaries because no one can take away your dream! And my love will always save you. Whatever happens, I will always love you and accept the way you are, with all the quirks the others may think you have. When you are in pain, I’ll help you to bear it, when you are lonely – I’ll give you my hand, when you have no one to give you a piece of advice - I will always give you one…

Chapter 2. The Worlds.
-        What is it?
-        The worlds.
-        What is ‘the worlds’?
-        These are the places where different creations of nature exist.
-        And what are ‘creations of nature’?
-        You and me, for instance. We are creations of nature.
The sky and land, water, wind, animals, birds…. We all are creations of nature. We are the representatives of our world as well…
⁻       And grasshopper?
⁻       And grasshopper…
⁻       And people surrounding us?
⁻       Yes, people surrounding us are creations of nature as well.
⁻       But how does nature create?
⁻       I’ve told you already. This is a Great Mystery of Life!
⁻       Can’t we solve this Great Mystery of Life?
⁻       We can, to some extent… And people are trying to do this.
⁻       And what is this extent?
⁻       You see, the extent is the limit, which is set individually by every person for themselves. This is kind of stop, which can be the last one on person’s way…
⁻       Why are they doing this?
⁻       Well, you know, it’s not that everyone does it deliberately, but it happens... Of course  it depends on how much you want to solve the mystery yourself…People are very often afraid to broaden the limits and solve the mysteries as they are afraid of anything  new and they are scared of unknowingness…
⁻       And what is unknowingness?
⁻       It’s when you don’t know the subject you deal with.
⁻       But how to get to know it?
⁻       Broaden your outlook!
⁻       How?
⁻       Observe, ask as many questions about our word structure as possible, read and communicate with smart people…
⁻       And will I broaden my limits then?
⁻       Yes!
⁻       You also said that people are afraid…. And what is fear?
⁻       It’s a very tricky feeling, very unpleasant; it appears with a presentiment of danger. The ones who can’t control it take a risk of having a very small, limited outlook forever… Sometimes fear lets us avoid danger, but mainly it is experienced by people while facing unknowingness…..And due to narrow outlook, they don’t know what to do in a situation which caused this fear. Fear turns people into cruel egotists, so they can be extremely cunning or coward… and people are often cruel due to their fear of unknowingness… Somehow, our world is made in such a way, that people who experience fear will eventually be directed into circumstances where they’ve already felt that fear.  This process can last forever until they have enough strength to take their fear under control! And the best way to do so - is to broaden your outlook! There isn’t a way better than that! When people can control their fear, they can recognize its warning signals, for example, signals of danger. In this case, the skill of controlling fear is useful for us. But if your outlook is rather limited, and you, for instance, don’t know what we’ve been talking about here, then, in some situation, fear can lead to a state of total panic and eventually to harmful  consequences.
⁻       And what should person do to take fear under control? And what is ‘control’?
⁻       To start with, you should be full of Strength and Determination! I think, for this purpose, you should keep to a definite regimen.   This is not a joke! Keeping to a definite regimen, you can get used to discipline even from the very early age.  As a result,  you can learn how to control yourself and your fears. In our case, regimen is a complex of obvious rules, which should be regularly followed to keep our body in a perfect physical condition. In this case, you’ll be full of strength to function in our world. Do you remember we spoke of observation? This is your control. So, in this case, you should observe yourself to some extent. And you should keep to a regimen. Control your sleep and rest, quantity and quality of food you eat, order of your things. You should have tidy appearance and enough physical training. See what I mean? In this way human body will easily bear a nervous strain and loads it faces on the way. You also should try and develop your outlook. Developing your outlook implies contact with other people and the biggest commotions happen while contacting with other people. Namely, it happens when you don’t have enough knowledge about human nature and how to build good relationship. This causes all our pain.  That’s why realizing the nature of fears and controlling them as well as physical training and keeping our things in order is the first step to developing into a strong personality, able to live in this world. This way we develop the most important thing – a feeling, which will help us to overcome obstacles on our life journey. Confidence!
⁻       Look at how much you know already!
⁻       …     
⁻       Years will pass and you’ll realize that discipline, regime and confidence are the initial and important arsenal which will help you study the worlds and not break down….  
⁻       Can you break down while studying the worlds?
⁻       The worlds are full of mysteries and dangers. Unless you are well prepared while facing the unknown, anything can happen. One person is the whole world, not taking into account the endless worlds… One person is the Universe. This person doesn’t have to meet your expectations. This person’s actions can bring joy as well as pain…. I’ve already told that only a human being can hurt another human being the most intensively….
-        There is plenty of everything…not to say about the worlds… Consequently, wide outlook can give confidence as well as the feeling of peace and quiet. Experiencing these feelings, you can sometime face danger embodied in some person.
And then, knowing that the person is similar to the whole world and can have different traits, you won’t be offended by this person. You might even like him, even if he is villain. You will only set corresponding limits…  I’m not saying that you have to love a villain, you have a right to punish him, but your outlook will let you see the situation better. Your confidence and quiet - made up by regime and ordered life- will help to estimate the situation and act accordingly or not to act. All that is due to the outlook which will help you estimate the consequences correctly.
⁻       Consequences?...
⁻       Here I’d like to tell you about one more important quality,  which will save you from different unpleasant consequences.
It is responsibility. You have to be responsible. You have to understand that every action has its consequences. When your outlook is wide, you can see clearly, where your or somebody else’s actions can lead. Sometimes, even the most innocent action can have a sad consequence. Here you have to have wide outlook, that’s why you must be attentive and develop this quality all the time. Observe. Observe the sunrise, rain falling down, snow covering land and decorating it, observe the way this snow melts and flowers and trees bloom. Observe how night follows day and listen to the sounds of nature, the bubble of the sea and thunderclaps…
Watch people behavior and listen to their words. Watch  people during  conversations and check if their actions agree with their words...Look at how people laugh, eat and sleep.
Eventually, you’ll realize where these or those actions lead and you’ll realize that striving for knowledge, beauty and all the wonderful things has a solid basis!
You’ll see then how the worlds develop and you’ll see that there is no other way to live a wonderful life – but to strive for perceiving Its Mysteries….

Chapter 3. Per aspera…
⁻       You’ve been speaking about broad outlook and that by overcoming our fears we develop our outlook….
⁻       Right, this allows us estimate what’s going on around us most effectively, not to be a fool and to see clearly our direction towards opening Life Mystery…
⁻       Observation –is your control which will help not to lose the way of mysteries opening.
⁻       Is it everything we need?
⁻       Believe me, this is a lot! But there is something else….
⁻       What?
⁻       Automatism…
⁻       What?!
⁻       Automatism.
⁻        ? …
⁻       Involuntary action …
⁻       I got completely confused…
⁻       There is nothing confusing in it. It prevents people from solving life mysteries. It is absence of control.
- Oh…
- Automatism is absence of control. I mean, your control over things happening in your head… You see, it’s in our nature that often we are not the best copies of people surrounding us.  We copy their behavior without knowing it. We are similar to relatives surrounding us, enemies, neighbors, colleagues or any other people whose actions got deep into our hearts by some reason!
- And how can somebody’s action ‘get into our hearts’? I can’t get it…
- This is specific feature of human nature and it has two sides – constructive and destructive. The thing is - we feel… We are made like this. This is the key to solving automatism mystery. We have feelings. See what I mean? What do you feel when one of your close people is sad or ill?
- Although I might be full of energy at these minutes, I feel something nagging and pressing in my chest, kind of depressive terrible mood…
- You feel their pain… pain of a person close to you. At the same time, when you see a strong, confident joyful and energetic person, you want to be nearby and be the same!
- Exactly!
- Your feelings respond to the actions of people surrounding you, in a way that seems incredible! And every time you interact with people in some way, you get feelings which make your mood.  So, from meeting to meeting these feelings fill the stores of your experience and make you into a person perceived by other people. I said 'person perceived by other people’ for reason. Unless a person has control or  observes, he doesn’t  pay attention to what kind of feeling people or things really awake in him.
The matter is that our feelings make up models of our everyday behavior.  In other words, we become slaves of our habits. The answer here is hidden in an interesting word. It is Impression. This is a splash of your emotions from what has just been seen or heard! These are the first feelings you experience in some situation. And surrounding people arise our strongest emotions with their actions.
So, this is the very impression, good or awful, which is accumulated in the stores of your experience and eventually makes you into ‘a person perceived by other people’.
But! Impression influences you depending on how well you follow your regime!  Remember, we spoke of it? So, regime and discipline gradually generate Stamina. Observation develops your control. That way, regime, discipline, control - are a kind of filter, that lets through some scenes of life, events or someone’s actions. These things can arise a very strong emotional respond in your chest, but all the traits, mentioned above, will help you stand tall and not to lose soundness, save strength and courage in order to strive for perceiving the mysteries of life. Impressions awoken by surrounding us people, make us not the best copies of them. Our manner to talk, the way we walk, our laughter, anger, the way we act in different situations is generated from the same manners of people surrounding us. Eventually they get stronger and turn into something ‘fundamental’…. I don’t know why, but the word I’ve chosen makes me laugh!
Anyway, I couldn’t choose another one! Why am I saying ‘fundamental’?  I’m saying this – because to break this fundament is the most difficult task on the way of perceiving life mysteries. The thing is, that while copying other people’s behavior schemes, we create corresponding schemes of thinking, which is the main obstacle….
Everything in our world has two sides. You can name them ‘good and bad’. It’s good when you are surrounded by people striving for construction, learning, creativity and cooperation.  But what if the person is surrounded by dull people from the very birth? What then? Who will he turn into? Without knowing it, he will  copy depressive , destroying schemes or the schemes of cruelty or of excessive self-confidence, which is close to stupidity…. Well, ok, let’s not go to extremes. Just observe people’s behavior, who they communicate with, who they talk to, what about, what their interests are and how they respond to positive and negative events. You’ll see that they perform some actions automatically, involuntary. Their habits made them ‘fundamental’. They react automatically to what happens to them. In other words, their reactions are nothing but regularly repeated actions. They strengthen ‘fundaments’ even more. And consequently, it doesn’t let people see the situations happening to them, from the other, new side. Their outlook is circled and they run around, thinking that increasing speed can help. After that, observe yourself, see what makes you happy and what upsets you. How do you react to what is happening to you? And what’s more important, what you would like to change about yourself to become better?
- Become better…
- You become better or worse, that’s life. Only striving to perceive life mysteries we can become better. When we don’t do this – we start walking around the circle, that is we go down a spiral. And the person goes down until he, maybe, faces someone on the way of Life, someone who will be able to impress them with their wish to solve life mysteries.  And then, it might happen that this meeting will arise a powerful respond in their chest and they will start going up with new energy!
- And what if they won't meet? What then…
- They will go down to ‘hell’ … But usually we have something in our stores of experience! This is the best part of our savings! It works as a magnet to help us meet the One – a person who can save from falling…
- The One?..
- Who?
- A Great Person!

Chapter 4. Great People.

⁻       So, who are these ‘Great People’?

⁻       First of all, these are people who, deliberately or subconsciously, make others strive for perceiving Life Mysteries. They make others move, not to stand still. This way or another, with the help of their inner strength they can stop a person, who is falling down headfirst. In this way, life gives these people one more chance to go upwards.

⁻       And can the actions of Great People be automatic and deliberate?

⁻       Certainly, we are all just people… We’ve already spoken about automatism; I will only correct myself by saying that automatic actions can be constructive as well. This happens if a person has grown up in corresponding constructive environment. Nevertheless, if this person doesn’t realize the benefits of contrl and advantages of striving for mysteries perception, their automatism will finish off…
This happens because every automat is a mechanism, which is working with the help of external power or external drive. If this mechanism is not modernized, it will turn into a heap of rusty metal… Even the Great People, who act automatically, certainly bring benefits into human movement to Life Mysteries. Anyway, we’ll speak about the Great People who are really great and deserve this title! The difference is the following: in my opinion, the right to be a Great Person can be deserved by someone, who has overcome their stereotypical habits and is striving to change our world, the world where we live.
- I often see such kind of people on TV or online. They are strong and positive people, they look nice and talk nice! They talk about better life and achieving aims! They are sometimes rich and successful! Yes!

- No.

- !?...

- They are not Great People! That is, some of them might be, but in general, it’s an illusion, just a picture, material which was made and published by relevant professionals. That’s it.  And please, don’t mix-up the notions. Famous, doesn’t mean Great…. And sometimes, unfortunately – vice versa…

- But who are they? And where are they?... Do they live in the mountains or underground and are magicians and wonderworkers?

-  Not again. You aren’t wrong, but …. Yes, there might be Great People among them, but no…You are misled by your sensitivity and your faith in stereotypes, imposed by our culture…

- Well , ok. Then, these are people whose life is ideally built, they have families, they are respected at work, they are good professionals, they might be managers, they are rich , smart and happy…

- You are drawing idealistic pictures again; flying towards aim, you touched its atmosphere with your wing, but you missed it again! And I really mean ‘missed’… Since you, as well as the others, idealize too much, and it happens according to habitual models of the world and people, it might be that the concept of the word ‘great’ is shifted in your mind to another reality…


- Tell me about your father. What do you know about his life?

- Well… it’s a long story. I love him, which seems to be the most important thing for me. Ok, I’ll try…. First of all, he is always trying to make my life easy and beautiful. He doesn’t want me to be idle, no. He wants me not to make mistakes, thus we often talk about different things…. When I was a little child, he wanted me to become a responsible, strong and happy person first of all. He worked a lot to provide me with tasty food, good toys, and comfortable clothes. He always strives to perceive Life Mysteries and encourages me to do so…  

- You see…
- I can’t say that we didn’t have arguments or conflicts and he didn’t make mistakes on his way… I can’t say we didn’t upset each other…  Fathers always want us not to repeat their mistakes. When I  behaved especially badly, it upset him twice as much… He has always had something that makes me believe in myself, overcome difficulties and learn about Life Mysteries in this way…

- You answered your own question.

- Is my father - a Great Person?

- I’ve already told you, you answered your own question… You see, the greatness of a person doesn’t necessarily have to show as new discoveries, works of art, fights – though that’s important as well. The greatness of a person is in his stamina in life, ability to overcome difficulties, in patience, in love for surrounding people! It is also in careful attitude towards their savings, creations, as well as towards feelings and choices of people surrounding them. Your father gave you life and taught how to keep footing on its uneasy way!
His “automatic” model of looking for the truth and mystery discoveries are deeply printed into your consciousness. And you too, as well as your father, have started looking for Life Mysteries and perceiving them. It seems to me, that every father wants the same…But absence of knowledge and ignorance don’t let many of them ‘make’ real Life Mysteries searchers and discoverers of out of their sons and daughters… I deliberately use quotation marks with ‘make’, because, yes, at some stage of our life surrounding people and their models influence us, but in spite of that, we all come to this world with something typical only for us. Eventually, we are responsible for our own life…

- …

And your Mother?! Isn’t it a heroic deed to carry you out and give birth!? It’s easy to say! What do you know of dreams, joys ,suffers and pains of a woman on Her Great Way – Motherhood! You would hardly be able to do this, my friend… I would hardly be able to do this as well…Carry out, give birth, nurse, bring up, not to sleep at nights when you were ill and go to work in the morning to buy you a new  mobile phone , so that you didn’t bag for it, so that other boys didn’t laugh at you...There we have it. So, who is your mother?

- Great Woman?

- You answer your own questions… And your grandparents, who often gave their lives to «factories and steamers», «having lived» almost all their life at work to provide your father and mother with food and give them a happy life!...
But all the greatness of the most working people is disappearing, as I think, if their actions are directed at themselves only…  
We are made in such a way that we have to interact all the time and share our experience; we have to solve important tasks which is necessary for all the mankind. That’s why, from time to time, at the critical milestones of history, there appear personalities, who can unite and lead people to higher quality of consciousness and life. They are spiritual leaders, scientists, artists, politicians, commanders…
In order to see such a person, you have to be very observant and attentive since there are a lot of lies on the way to solving Life Mysteries… You should always judge by results. Wide outlook will help you to estimate correctly. There are also many Great People who sacrificed the dearest they have for the sake of Love for Motherland… They sacrificed their lives and themselves in the name of Love, fighting desperately in the fights for the Truth. It would be appropriate to define one more important feature of Great People here … Bravery. I don’t encourage you to sacrifice like that by no means, because, first of all, each of us should realize very well, In the Name of What  he is fighting. And since we are talking about this, I feel obliged to tell about them. We have to remember their deeds forever, at least, this will help us to remain real people….


- And here is something I want to tell… Since we are people and live in the world of people, any experience comes to us only through people. Find a Great Person, who could be an example for you , who could inspire you to solve Life Mysteries! It is a big luck to live among such people, but also books and films  - is a great object  for study and inspiration on your Unique Life Way, your Flight!

Chapter 5. Energy Concentration Way.

-You are talking about developing outlook all the time, but when I try to cover everything in my perception… it confuses me, I stop and find out that I know nothing…
- Right, here we come up to one of the key elements in solving Life Mysteries.
- Which one?
- This is the most important element! Realizing this fact will order your thoughts and everything will build up in a right way in your head…
- Tell me…
- As you can see, I deliberately make you ask questions, because only in this case you make efforts to ask right questions. Making efforts, we are careful to what we get in return.  It might be that there is no other way to save all those treasures we collect while making our unique journey…
- Acting like this, I’m helping you to produce this important element!
- What kind of element?
- Attention.
- ?...
- Exactly! Attention…
- …
- You see, it’s in our nature that making our flight it’s impossible to approach Life Mysteries without attention… Or in other words, without it the flight won’t be effective or finish sadly, or it even might not start… Without perceiving this element and ability to manage it , the person is taking risks of being just an automatic copy of people surrounding him, even if these are Great People.
- Interesting…
- Indeed! All our inner strength – given to us by nature, has particular features, and ability to manage it is able to make a lot of us really Outstanding People …  Look, when we are flying, we understand our direction. We are flying to that star and we adjust our  equipment accordingly, we understand our temporary destination. Though we might know exactly the coordinates of landing and some specific features of space and place, some unexpected things may be awaiting for us there or on the way…  Let’s not talk about unknown now, let’ concentrate on movement from point A to point B…
- …
- This is our attention!
- А…mm…
- Yes … All your attention is concentrated on this route. And if it is really so, everything might be wonderful for you eventually!
- Or might not?!...
- In the world around us there are lots of nature creations and various powers, each of them has their own plans about this world…  Who knows how and why can their ways overlap? Though, trained attention and wide outlook will always help you to maneuver to avoid destroying your plans by someone else.  There might be insuperable obstacles on our way, that’s true. In this case, all that we can -  is to accept situation as it is and learn a lesson which is called destiny gift by many…
-And you?..
- It’s difficult to speak of it, really difficult… In spite of the fact that I have some knowledge, many new horizons are opening on my way… And although the view is becoming grand, I find myself thinking that I can’t see the whole picture of Life.  Many people insist they can see it. There might be such people, but majority say this phrase thoughtlessly, just to create an impression… But if we look at the word “gift” of life allegorically – everything is clear. Let’s return to the notion of attention…
- …
- Well. Attention makes it possible to concentrate your energy into a beam and define the aim. It also makes you concentrate on the task and think it over carefully. It allows us direct our energy to the aim, commit a deliberate action and analyze the result honestly! Each of us has some energy in store, energy, we came to this world with.  This store increases or decreases depending on our interaction with people in this world…Eventually, everything depends only on you, though. But to keep your store at high level, you have to use and develop all the qualities we discussed during our flight. As soon as you understand the principle of saving your energy, you’ll realize a lot of things. While flying you use definite quantity of energy and your storage reservoirs need regular restocking…That’s the reason I want to emphasize on ability to pace yourself while fulfilling a particular task.  I mean every routine action here. I don’t intend that you should treat yourself as a «delicate flower» and pamper in different ways. Nevertheless, you should understand what I’m saying now - otherwise you might not have enough fuel to fulfill the tasks of Life.  You might get very sad then and all the people around you might get sad as you might turn into unbearable person….Love to some kind of activity will help you save and accumulate energy first of all, the activity you are ready to perform all the time and which excites you very much…
You like constructing, for instance, now you are assembling rather difficult for your age models of spaceships and even make up your own models. Your attention is absorbed by the process entirely. You regularly consolidate and improve this skill and you’ve reached some good results… You enjoy this. Wonderful! Keep on doing the same way! Our favorite kind of useful hobbies – reading, constructing, art or anything else – lets us order our thoughts in a right way. Remember – your energy follows your thoughts! You shouldn’t concentrate on your favorite activity all the time of course, I mean, your priceless attention might happen to be of great need for your close people.
Pay attention to your feelings when you communicate with people of different character…Sometimes you want to reach out to someone and it seems you’re already there, but eventually there is nothing left inside and you feel helpless…   And sometimes, one smile of a man passing by, lights a flame inside your chest and you are living the day through as if you were flying to your dream! Does it ever happen to you?
- Well, yes…
- Fix your attention carefully on details of every meeting, analyze what you feel. In this way you’ll gain what is called ‘gift of recognition’! Only attention will help you here, but you shouldn’t let feelings, which are sometimes deceiving, carry you far away. Everything has its measure. I’m going to tell you something very important now…. You see, in this world people are constantly fighting for attention. It’s not a joke… It’s by far not a joke.  Direction of attention makes energy flow the right way, but towards someone, who forced your thoughts flow this way to reach their aims, nor yours. Look around and think where has your attention been directed today? Who and what have you thought about today? You should analyze which meetings provoked the change of thought direction this way or another…There are lot of routine, everyday tasks of course, that’s life. There are close people, who need loads of our attention sometimes. I want you to realize this fact on your own! Energy must be restored! Communicate with like-minded people, do sports, eat healthily, drink water, be in the open-air more often and dream!
- Dream?!..
- Yes! I even couldn’t imagine – what quantity of energy is released by DREAM! Dream attentively! Pay attention to details! You want, for instance, to create something useful for people and you’ll certainly enjoy the process! It might be a new aircraft which will be able to get you to any place of our beautiful planet in a few minutes! Dream! How stupid and stiff I was…
I’ve been afraid of dreaming all my life…I’ve been afraid that my dream won’t come true or will be stolen…I criticized my every creation severely and destroyed. Then I blamed myself, went crazy and cried helplessly, because nobody could help me…
When I realized the power of dreaming - I saw everything in a different way, since I got energy! You must remember one more thing – the way we see reality is greatly dependent on our physical condition! Take care of your health and be attentive! Dream! Pay your attention to dreaming! Whatever happens …
Dream!!! Dreaming will broaden your outlook, empower you and will feed your Soul…  Your attention will help to see your dream in details! Everything is created in several steps, you know… You dream, think over, draw or write down and start creating! Your constructions do not always impress you or your relatives, but attention helps you to do error correction and sometimes, reach what you’ve planned! Doing this way – you specify the object of your dreaming and it gets definite and….
- ???!!!...
- …Dream is turning into an Aim!

End of fragment ...
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